Zhen Yang

PhD Candidate in Electronic Engineering Department
Email: eeyangzhen@gmail.com

I am currently a 6th year PhD student in the NGNLab of Department of Electronic Engineering (EE), Tsinghua University. My PhD supervisor is Prof. Xing Li, and my researches are mainly in cooperation with Prof. Yongfeng Huang.
Before my PhD, I received my B.E. degree in Electronic Information Science and Technology from Department of Electronic Engineering (EE), Tsinghua University.

I worked on Steganography and Watermarking in the first two years of my PhD. Currently, my research interests include Cloud Security, Data Confidentiality and Privacy Preserving. Recently I worked on blockchain technology and data security in Internet of Vehicles (IoV) especially. My Curriculum Vitae is shown below:

In my PhD years, I’ve mainly worked on the JAR tool project which is deployed on Amazon AWS cloud platform to secure cloud data confidentiality for the data owner and ensure automated immutable logging for cloud data accountability.